Wednesday, December 8, 2010

day 229: i viddy a skorry tolchock to the gulliver (or) has he been reading "a clockwork orange" again?!?!?!

the rundown:

>books read:

-shopgirl-steve martin
-called to coach-bobby bowden
-a clockwork orange-anthony burgess

> next not to live-brett foster

> black friday was beyond lame

> cyber monday was apparently related and carries similar family traits

> one of my favorite people in jax is moving to portland [RIP yr darcy & the squiers]

> christmas is turning out to be super killer and cold as well

> band room is rearranged to better facilitate creativity

> new tunes coming soon from every corner of my brain

> i totally found 2 stores near me that deal in skyline chili

> cartoons don't stop child abuse but they sure are cool to relive

> yeah i know this one sucked but hey i am at least trying to stay on the wagon...

driving music:

sometimes you have to work on christmas sometimes-harvey danger

it's a shame about ray-the lemonheads

hey sandy-polaris [theme to the adventures of pete and pete]

tiny tree christmas

within your reach
-the replacements