Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day 4: reruns of "lost"= bad form (or) moving is cool(?)!

so today is random observations!

- [read title]

- chick-fil-a on family nite is the most awful thing EVER. if you are thinking about wanting to procreate-seriously wait til wednesday (you are more likely to still want the little buggers.)

- 20/20 blind is re-revelation in gospel cheese metal (taste it stryper!)

- chick-fil-a's peach shake tastes EXACTLY like quaker oats' peaches'n'cream instant oatmeal...WEIRD-but-strangely good?!?!?!

- Isaiah 40:31-is true!-however it is truly vague on the whole time-table thing.

- wearing shoes w/o socks seems so much more convenient BEFORE the ensuing 6-10 hours in the warmth of the day. no socks=fun smells. yay.

- finding awesome people in this life is refreshing, finding them again after a long break is like thanksgiving at home for the first time in years.


- music fun times from tally-ho...

Ten Miles Long - The Popheads from C-Town Film Factory on Vimeo.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

day 1: (welcome to the party!) an introduction...

ahhhh, just what the world needs-another blog from some narcissistic, dime-store philosopher, and yet here i am. today, on the 29th anniversary of my glorious entrance into this crazy world, my life changes. the love of my life has landed her first position in her field of study, i am moving from the hometown of my youth, and while i haven't a clue what the future holds, for the first time in my life i do know where it lies.

goodbye "old field"........ hello tomorrow!

for what its worth:

i fancy myself a musician and songwriter. i am a connoisseur of music's (past, present, and future) history. i am a sucker for rom/coms but can't imagine the world without the twisted mind of david lynch. i love the musty smell of an old book. i am inspired by the abstract, the ambient, and the atmospheric. i have a great beard, a double-chin, and like bacon far too much. my favorite bands tend to be too obscure and my favorite reading tends to be meant for adolescents. i am so totally addicted to "lost". not much sounds more chill than a cool night, my pipe filled with burly and black, a laphroaig 15 y.o., good company, and low level owl spinning on the turntable. my wife is the kelly kapowski to my zack morris and my two girls think i am cooler than ferris bueller. my future is neither defined nor constrained by my past. i believe that GOD is alive and that i am nothing without HIM.

hope is greater than fear, and cynicism (while a real weakness) is simply digging a grave.

today's "mega-mix" tape:

1) on reflection-the appleseed cast
2) beautiful day-u2
3) trials turned to gold-keith green
4) getting better-the beatles
5) coffaro's theme-bill frisell quartet
6) it happens when the heart just stops-the frames
7) cruiser-red house painters
8) don't go racing-jeremy enigk
9) desolation road-bob dylan
10) if i may-blackalicious
11) it's the end of the world as we know it-r.e.m.
12) what life has-denison marrs
13) make your own kind of music-"mama" cass elliot

thanks for the dance, hope i see you soon...