Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day 4: reruns of "lost"= bad form (or) moving is cool(?)!

so today is random observations!

- [read title]

- chick-fil-a on family nite is the most awful thing EVER. if you are thinking about wanting to procreate-seriously wait til wednesday (you are more likely to still want the little buggers.)

- 20/20 blind is re-revelation in gospel cheese metal (taste it stryper!)

- chick-fil-a's peach shake tastes EXACTLY like quaker oats' peaches'n'cream instant oatmeal...WEIRD-but-strangely good?!?!?!

- Isaiah 40:31-is true!-however it is truly vague on the whole time-table thing.

- wearing shoes w/o socks seems so much more convenient BEFORE the ensuing 6-10 hours in the warmth of the day. no socks=fun smells. yay.

- finding awesome people in this life is refreshing, finding them again after a long break is like thanksgiving at home for the first time in years.


- music fun times from tally-ho...

Ten Miles Long - The Popheads from C-Town Film Factory on Vimeo.



  1. But...chick-fil-a family night made one little girl very happy (especially after all the "leave us alone", "go play in another room", etc. that has gone on since the whole moving-in-2-weeks insanity began.)

    And, I have to 2nd the whole quaker oats' peaches'n'cream thing! It's definitely a little strange to drink a cold, smooth & thick version of the warm breakfast cereal I remember eating as a kid.

  2. this is going to be fun...and the peach thingy grossed me out...chunks were disturbing.

  3. It is Ward. Just wanted to let you know your blog has been found by my eyes upon your request. You can find my blog at www.wardsanoxmoron.wordpress.com.

    Enjoy Jacksonville!

  4. that should say wardsanoxymoron :)