Friday, November 12, 2010

day 4: "the quaalude thunder goes here" (or) frank zappa is quite possibly the coolest musician of all time...

so i am now in the second week of my quest to read a book a week for the rest of my life; naturally i chose breakfast of champions [vonnegut] for the first week, and, equally as naturally, the follow-up had to be the real frank zappa book [zappa]. the following excerpt is all one really needs to understand why this is RIVETING reading:

"'the quaalude thunder goes here.' that's the shorthand description of a drum fill you would hear on certain haevy metal albums-where the guy plays as many notes as he can on all of his thousand tom-toms before he ends with the big crash."

in a word...yes.

the rundown part un:

> a book a week for...ever?! [crossed fangers]

> conan! back with a vengeance

> yr darcy [] great songwriter i know.

> fried turkey in t-minus 12 days and counting...gobble gobble pilgrims!

> i love yard sales and thrift stores in a non-fixed-gear-bike-rider kind of way?!?!

> i really want a store that carries cassette tapes...

> ...speaking of cassettes-seriously people! STOP TOSSING THEM IN THE TRASH! DBL.WTFF

> 2 thumbs up 2 the book of eli, robin hood, and solitary man.

> i really REALLY want the rivera designed fender super 60 i keep seeing on craigslist

driving music:


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  1. Vonnegut is rather a good choice. I'd say it isn't boring and at the same time educational in terms of life decisions and contemplation!