Monday, November 8, 2010

day...?!!-you like how i did that?!?!?! (or) they say you can't go back, yet look how i just told "they" to taste it...

it may be known to those who know me best that my foray into this "second life" of mine here in jax has been a tad more painful than i would have ever have presumed. one could definitely use the term "lost" to describe the past few months of my experiment on this hallowed ground we call earth. i have learned a few things, subsequently forgotten several of said things and thus am on the path of learning them again-hopefully n'er to be so easy displaced. [fingers crossed].

this past week has seen the desperate realization that on the eve of my 7 year celebration of marraige, that we would NOT, in fact, be able to have our first true evening alone together in a solid year, so we took our 2 little ones with us to goof off at the burrito gallery and various thrift stores-and it honestly was one of the most fun days we have had in our time in jax. all hallows eve was none too shabby either. jess my lovely bride [and resident bassist] and myself also found that angles was simply not going to work with her in it-too much stretching can be bad for the health regardless of what yoga says. i have had great conversations with best friends and those who could easily fit into that category, and i am even playing guitar at a show for a cool dude who i met at my fav dining establishment .

[life] meet lemons.
[lemons] oh hi how are you?
[me]how's it going there, eh? have you met my friends pitcher, water,sugar, and spoon?
[lemons] i haven't. (to friends) glad to know you.
[friends] likewise i'm sure.
{good times had, beverages birthed}...

...{and scene}

i have found beauty in the chaos of humanity through the voice of vonnegut [breakfast of champions]; i was able to enjoy a chance encounter with one of my favorite human beings, bobby bowden; maybe its the cold, maybe its time of year, maybe it was memphis, but i feel like i have found a spark again. like maybe all the hoping and wishing and planning and scheming and ________ing have reached a point where they seem to be more than ghosts of reality, like they are ACTUALLY on the horizon. and maybe i am oversentimental. either way... the midst of what can only be described as the political equivalent to the outbreak and subsequent discovery of mad cow disease [in other words, theres a lot of crazy going around currently in this fine country of ours], i have found a unique revelry in this crazy world and its crazy inhabitants, and i am so in awe of the Creator that has allowed me to be able to, by His grace alone, immerse myself in the joys of His most precious creation.

in closing, this week i get coco back, frank zappa is regaling me on a daily basis with his fanatical insight and wacky anectdotes, theres vinyl, theres cold, theres pipes, theres burley and black, and theres plenty of good reasons to throw caution to wind, fire up the flux capacitor, and head back to the future!

here's a litte driving music...

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  1. I have not heard this song in forever. Thanks for the memory!