Wednesday, June 2, 2010

day 40: hello again! (or) the waters have subsided...

so jacksonville happened. i live in a killer 82 year old house in the historic part of the west side.i guess a part of me truly believed i would never escape "old field"-but here i am. that said... is great.

lost is over and it was a beautiful conclusion, the last airbender comes out very shortly, and boris is going to melt my face next month. we are still uber broke from the move thus i have/had no good jax stories-yet! however i do offer these pieces of wisdom from the last 36 days:

- thanks to my 3rd screening of the fantastic mr. fox, i have realized that a) it gets better every time you watch it b) wes anderson has impeccable taste in music-particularly the obscure classic rock variety and...

- ...c) the bobby fuller four =/> awesome [period.]

- i heart cooking and am getting heaps better at it-good thing too seeing as eating out is nary an option!

- anonymity strangely suits me. i have gone 4 weeks without running into a single person i know-wow-i don't think i have ever made it more than a day before.

- ipods are NOT waterproof- thus its bad form to drop one in your dish water.

- there is an f.y.e. in orange park that is-in ALL seriousness-the best music store i have seen in a long time-i know. right?!

- this post is lame but i WILL redeem it with the mega mix!

...speaking's "mega-mix" tape:

1) you're all i need to get by-marvin gaye
2) you're my baby (little wooly booger)-johnny cash
3) too much-elvis presley
4) its ok-the beach boys
5) america the beautiful-ray charles
6) the hullabaloo-joey heatherton
7) gimme some lovin'-the spencer davis group
8) telstar-the tornados
9) ooh la la-the faces
10) everyday-buddy holly and the crickets
11) no matter what-badfinger
12) i fought the law-the bobby fuller four

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