Tuesday, June 8, 2010

day 46: isn't it funny that phonetic is not pronounced phonetically...

i was encouraged by my wise older sister to share this bit of useful information ragarding jacksonvillains. were one to be a sociologist studying pack mentalities in tallahassee florida, it would interest you to know that, it would seem, those who fancy the "ink" (i believe that's what the kids call it) matriculate from 2 general schools of behavior.

school 1) being the stereotypical indie/punk/rockabilly/hipster/fill-in-the-blank-core kid. this person would tend to hang with other persons like himself, some smellier (in varying degrees) than others, some with considerably less gears on their bicycles than others, some with "look at me-don't look at me" hair styles ranging from: a flock of seagulls homage to a maniacal mop-top to the one that looks as if styled by an epileptic experiencing intermittent seizures; add a dusty messenger bag, some black pants, cool band shirt, some organic/vegetarian/vegan cuisine, add some form of inebriating substance usually in the form of canned swill-and you know the first general school of tattoo lovers in our fair southernmost capital.

school 2) while a lesser percentage of "ink" abounds, these collegiate socialites love their daddies(' money?) and out of respect for the aforementioned persons, they tend to do their bodily feng shui more inconspicuously. a heart on a shoulder here, a butterfly on the ankle there, a tribal band on the upper arm here, some poorly translated chinese symbol on the wrist or side or back, or the most inconspicuous of all: the ironic cross-like tribal symbol on the small of the back. these power brokers of the twenty-something class hierarchy can generally be found cohorting with each other in luxurious foreign vehicles, with highly evolved coifs of hair, some form of pastel or other vibrant color or print design that is currently all the rage, some day-trading or internship with a law firm, add some form of inebriating substance usually in the form of bottled swill-and you now know the second school.

now what this has to do with jacksonvillains is that to know what i have discovered here you have to understand the base of my previous knowledge. that said, take the last two paragraphs-nuke it! thats right- just throw that jazz right out the window, because it doesn't belong in the "904". EVERYONE has them (an obvious universal overstep, but lets embrace the heart of the observation), of course you have your surfer/beach bum/sea-faring/pirate-types and the military and the former two schools are firmly ensconced here as well, but soccer moms? and professionals (no, not those professionals-however there's a good chance they too are covered-well, at least with tatts-but i digress)? lawyers? super-target managers? i mean really, if pres. obama spent any time here he too would probably look as if in the employ of kat von d.

the moral to this story is obvious:

diversity + body art = a more interesting people watching experience.

hoo. hah.


  1. Great post. You should always listen to you sister. ;)

  2. Yay for tats!
    -this is Ward

  3. I 2nd this. My observations here in Jax have brought me to the same conclusion.

  4. At last...after 29 years, I finally know why Tally just doesn't seem to fit. ;) -MK