Friday, June 18, 2010

day 56: late night w/ jimmy fallon-as metaphor for my life (or) someone should manufacture a ?uestlove shirt in the vein of "the" bob ross shirt...

it sounds silly for sure but the way i see it is like this. mr. fallon started off a little wet behind the ears. his bits were awkward and ill-timed (simple misfires)and in most cases lacking the charm and vitality we knew he had proven to possess in spades, but he kept going. the proverbial "they" were taking bets for the office pool on his total failure, but he kept going. as time progressed it became apparent that he was becoming more comfortable in his own skin and for that matter out of the shadows of the previous hosts (more than mired by their respective drama/scandal), and he kept going. we were becoming witness to the evolution of a future classic entertainer doing what he loved best in the world, and all to a most righteous soundtrack, and he will keep on going. i have in some ways found my place in this world (try NOT getting that tune stuck in your head today-sinister cackle!), but just haven't quite executed effectively. one thing i will make very clear though, i will keep on going...and all to a most righteous soundtrack!

oh and thanks mr. fallon for the heads up on this (the pay off is at minute 1:15)

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  1. I read this on Friday and didn't get that song in my head and I was all, "HA". Then, I'm cleaning up yesterday and BAM - it was there.

    You suck.